Making the connection

To establish an effective business relationship, 912|Living is interviewing all homeowners personally. If the potential homeowner is not in the area, 912|Living can do telephone interviews, WhatsApp calls, or Facebook Messenger calls. By doing so, each party gets to know each other, as well as sets the foundation for a committed business affiliation. Homeowners come from diverse lifestyles and have different viewpoints regarding their assets; therefore, it is important to make sure a mutual agreement exists in regards on how to manage their property.

Furthermore, a homeowner will fill out a sheet with basic information about him or herself, property information, Mortgage Company, etc., as well as basic information about utilities, pest control company, alarm system Company, etc.

Immediately, after the interview, a 912|Living agent will look at the house to see the condition and instantly provides feedback regarding repairs, cleaning, or other important aspects.

If all parties agree on a committed business relationship, then 912|Living and the property owner will sign a management agreement. After the management agreement has been signed, 912|Living will start their opportunity to maximize the benefits of your investment through effective management performances.